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The Process

Maximising the potential of your playground can be hard as role numbers increase and your playground ages. Creating a playground from scratch can be daunting and is certainly something that takes considerable planning with regard to use, cost and longevity.

Developing an existing playground requires even more attention as it can be easy to lose the coherence and overall feeling of the playground by trying to add too much or making additions over a long term period with no master plan.

We listen to your requirements and in combination with site-specific elements, formulate a master plan. Creating a master plan or vision for your playground will help to deliver the best possible learning environment and maintain or improve your centre's value.

A master plan is also helpful when preparing budgets or acquiring funding. If you are developing a new centre, we can provide assistance in obtaining resource consent, with financial projections and show you how to maximise your centre's potential for prospective families.

Financial Planning

When structuring your financial plan to build or upgrade, consider the following:

  • Budget / staged work
  • Long term plan
  • Capital investment
  • Sustainability
  • Customisation
  • Maximum revenue

Playscape can assist with your centre's future financial goals.

A well designed and constructed playground will provide ongoing learning opportunities, improved role numbers and can lift the look of the centre as a whole, allowing fee increases guaranteeing a great return on your investment.

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