A little bit
About us

Creating destination

What excites us?

Stepping outside of the traditional cookie cutter approach. Play doesn’t follow rules – it pushes imagination. We take the same approach when it comes to designing our Playscapes.

A destination to grow. A destination to dream. Most importantly?

A destination where kids can be kids again.

(The fun story)

Once upon a time, there was a boy who liked to play. One day (over a long period of time) the boy grew up and had a wee boy of his own.

Turns out this new boy liked to play too. So the original boy (now more of a man than a boy but still a kid really) wanted to make cool things for his boy to play on.

So he started making stuff…. and kept making stuff…. until one day there was a whole team of big boys and girls (I know!!) around him who love to make playful things.

They all hang out together at what they call ‘work’ but honestly its more play than work.

We are all just kids who never grew up!


The more serious side
(kind of..)

We started off by cutting our teeth in early childcare playgrounds. With over 20 years experience as a landscaper, our director Bevan Thorn saw the need to inject more creativity into early childcare spaces that his own boys were playing in.

Fast track over 10 years and now Playscape has evolved into a team who are passionate about all things play. Throughout our design, admin and build teams, the heart of what we do has remained the same – delivering functional and unique spaces for kids that drives excitement and oozes imagination.

Keeping things

Seeing a world of plastic, metal and disconnect from nature. The core of Playscape’s vision has always been seeing a need for creating playful environments that enhances learning and development through play which are inspired by the beautiful natural bush and forest we are lucky to call home.


(and lots of it!)

With decades of experience in the back pocket we know that the process of creating a playground or outdoor space can be a daunting one. We focus on being a one stop shop, streamlining the process so that from design through to construction, we handle it all.

Ready to
Dream big?

Our team are excited to bring your vision to life. Reach out below and lets get started!