Schools have a wide range of outdoor spaces that can be utilised in many different ways to enhance our tamariki’s learning, growth and development. From the initial concept, through the  design process and onto construction our playgrounds are bound only by your imagination.  Children love places to jump, balance, climb, swing and physically challenge themselves and in doing this create boundless opportunities for social interaction, collaborative play, goal setting and decision making.

Let’s take the teaching outside – creating an open-air learning environment not only beautifies and enhances the features of the outside area, it also encourages children to engage in activities that nurture self confidence, build self esteem, promote physical activity and embrace a love of nature.  Equally a quiet “breakout” zone can become an extension of the classroom itself and allow children a quiet, calm place to study either individually or collaboratively – while enveloped in the natural landscape.

Sensory gardens add another dimension to a schools outdoor experience by providing a stimulating and enriching environment through the use of sand, water, textures and a variety of natural materials – engaging with the children and appealing to their senses whilst providing an educational experience.

What do the children want?  No, we cant build a flying fox over a fire-breathing dragon but we welcome the chance to engage and collaborate with your students if you would like us to create your schools ultimate “wish list” with a space that is unique to them, creating a sense of ownership and pride in the finished product.

How can we help your school create a safe, magical and functional space for your students?  Check out examples of some of our recently created school masterpieces

Our new outdoor environment has provided our children with endless opportunities to explore, discover and create. Our playground has spaces for children to be with nature, to enjoy playing in groups, exploring little nooks and discovering their surroundings in a safe, meaningful way

Natalie – Taupo Kids COmmunity Centre Manager

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