Early Childcare

Early childcare centres are a child’s home away from home, providing parents with the knowledge and reassurance that their children are learning and exploring their world in a safe and nurturing environment.   A great outdoor space at a childcare centre should  be an inspiring area that encourages young children and babies to explore, create, discover, grow and learn.   

Here’s where we come in – our playgrounds are crafted to provide beautiful spaces that offer children opportunities  to develop social skills and use their imagination through inventive play while providing a safe space to challenge them physically.  By including sand and water play it encourages collaborative play amongst young ones who aspire to be the next pirate captain, seafarer or treasure hunter while developing fine motor skills and social interaction.  

Yes – first impressions count!  By engaging parents with an aesthetically pleasing, well designed playground they see the environment as a space that will help their little one thrive and grow, promote imagination and problem solving and encourage a thirst for future learning.

We understand that each childcare centre is unique. Sometimes outdoor space can be limited or there may be other challenging environmental factors. With our years of experience we know that often functionality is the key factor to ensure you have a playground that is compliant to the NZS5828:2015 Playground equipment and surfacing standard. Ensuring that it suits your centre, allowing for flexibility of use and easy care and maintenance, meaning your focus can be on helping develop and nurture the tamariki in your care.

Get inspired – take a look through some of our feature projects below, from brand new childcare centre playground builds through to full renovation of existing centres or staged builds

Our new outdoor environment has provided our children with endless opportunities to explore, discover and create. Our playground has spaces for children to be with nature, to enjoy playing in groups, exploring little nooks and discovering their surroundings in a safe, meaningful way

Natalie – Taupo Kids COmmunity Centre Manager

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