The Playscape


As a ‘one stop shop’ for your outdoor area, we are all about making the journey as easy as possible from design through to construction.

Step 1.
Dreaming meeting

This is where we listen, unpack what you are after and understand your vision for your centre, school or new project. What makes your space unique? What are your philosophies, beliefs that make your early childcare centre or school unique from the rest? Is there a specific story or legend of significance that connects this space to its surrounding environment? Do you have an existing space that requires more flow, continuity and improved functionality? We are big believers that you are the expert and its our job to listen, and ask the right questions so that together we form a brief and vision that is unique to your playground or outdoor area.

Step 2.
Plans & quoting

Now the fun part begins! Our design team will weave together a concept plan and send this back through. From here, we work together to develop this design until you are happy with it. At this point, we cost this design and provide you with a build proposal. If you are happy with this, fantastic! Otherwise we can simplify and adjust the design to ensure it fits your budget. We can also create a masterplan and ‘stage’ the build to break a big vision down into achievable chunks which ensures that over time you are left with a cohesive outdoor area.

Step 3.

Our in-house build team travels nationwide to bring your playground to life. We make the process easy and can work alongside your architect, engineer, project managers to ensure there is smooth sailing through the build. If you are an operating childcare centre or school, our logistics team ensure there is minimal disruption during operational hours, with safety for the kids during construction as our highest priority. 

With decades of experience in the industry we know that minimal disruption during the build is key. We prefabricate as many elements within your new playscape as possible which helps reduce the time our team is on site.

Step 4.

Now its time for kids to do what they do best! Bringing the colour and laughter to bring the space to life! We provide you with an aftercare pack that provides you with everything you need to keep your new Playscape in tip top shape.

Working with experts like the team at Playscape opened up possibilities that we just hadn’t considered. They listened to us, but most importantly to the children. It wasn’t really about design, it was about ‘playability’. So while the playground looks great, it is really about what children want to play with and how they play and learn with it.

Nick Shaw, Waiheke Primary School

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Dream big?

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