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When is a good time to start the process?

As soon as possible! Although we come in at the tail end of a project, there are a lot of decisions that happen at the beginning of the process that can have a huge impact on the functionality of a playspace and the efficiency of the build process. 

This is especially applicable in a new project  as well as existing spaces – for example – underground service lines can limit shade and other construction if the playground isn’t taken into consideration when planning service lines within the site.


Where are you based?

We are at the top of the Waikato, however our teams build nationwide throughout New Zealand! From Kaitaia through to Invercargill we travel all over the country to create unique outdoor spaces. (We have even sailed on ferries to complete jobs on islands!!)


Are you just a design company?

We do it all!  We have an inhouse design and build team which means we’re there from start to finish in creating your outdoor space!


What part of the build do you take care of?

We cover everything in our outdoor spaces – from sandpits, to shade to storage. If there is are components you don’t want to be in our scope of work we are more than happy to work alongside your preferred supplier.

However if you want a comprehensive playspace solution, we can streamline the process and take care of the whole outdoor space for you. No more coordinating with separate contractors (yay!)

Will my new playspace meet the current New Zealand playground regulations?

Absolutely! All senior members of staff have gone through the RPII Operational Playground Inspection Training. All playground components meet the NZS 5828:2015 Playground Equipment and Surfacing Standards.  Any new playground elements are certified by a third party playground certifier.

At the completion of the job we will provide you with an aftercare pack that provides certification for all safety matting/material used within the site along with the critical fall height they provide.

What does a Custom build mean?

Many playground providers have kitset playgrounds and take a basic cookie cutter approach to creating a playground.

We start by looking at your space, listening and understanding your brief and then creating a unique design that is site specific. Play doesn’t fit in a square box and we don’t think the design of a playspace should either!


Early childcare and Schools

We are an operating childcare centre/school, How does a renovation work?

Our teams constantly work in operating childcare centres and schools, which means we are very experienced in how to work in and around the site in a way that is safe for the tamariki and creates the least disruption. For example we can stage sections of the build to still give you access to some areas of the outdoor space by using site safety fencing.

It really depends on the nature of access into your space and the complexity of the build – once this is finalised our construction manager will make a plan alongside you to ensure it enables you to continue to operate in a safe and convenient way.

If you have any concerns, give us a call and we can chat through how we can make this happen!

I don't need to do a full renovation, can I just do part of it?
Absolutely!  Alternatively, if you have a long term vision for the outdoor space, we can look at creating a Masterplan and stage the build process into manageable sections. This will ensure that what we create together now is cohesive with any future development plans. 

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