Chrysalis Childcare

Keeping existing trees within a design could be seen as an inconvenience. Us? We see it as an opportunity to let them shine within the design.

Keeping nature at the heart of the playground.

Natural – all the way – was the brief for this new childcare centre.

An additional factor was the need to incorporate two enormous protected trees into the design. The finished product is groundbreaking in every way using natural products and innovative design to provide areas of significant function and form complementing the stunning architecturally designed building and providing children with a wonderful place to play reminiscent of our NZ natural heritage.

The concept for the main outdoor play area is based on the Maori creation tradition and incorporates native planting along with a natural palette of materials – rocks, bark, grass, sand, water and concrete pathways. These are ordered using traditional Maori patterns – sweeping curves (Raperape), interlocking spirals (Rauru), unfurling fern frond (Te Koru), and a whirlpool pattern, representative of the nearby Oakley Creek, called Te Auaunga (swirling waters) by local Maori, a name referring to the numerous whirlpools along it.