Fantails Estate Childcare – Dairy Flat

Set on over 3½ hectares of land nestled between farmland,  in a rural lifestyle setting, this childcare centre lives and breathes the outdoors.

We all agree that kids need space to run around, and this centre took that to the next level. At over 5000m2 it is our biggest playground yet – we don’t think the kids will run out of space to explore and play in any time soon! 

With a big focus on keeping things natural, the design maintained green open spaces, providing mounds to get kids to height without compromising on safety and supervision.

From a stage with seating, through to a bus stop with bike ‘car parks’ and a campfire pit, the final design has created an inviting playspace that provides a sense of continuity and connectiveness with pleanty of opportunities for kids to play, discover and be immersed in nature.