Snow Planet Winter Wonderland

“I found Playscape were willing to think outside the box”

From building outdoors to building in the snow, we jumped at the opportunity to be involved in a Winter Wonderland installation at Snow Planet, an indoor ski field in Silverdale, Auckland.

The brief was to deliver an exciting, magical space for people of all ages and abilities to see and experience the feeling of being in a Winter Wonderland. It needed to provide something for the whole family and be installed for the Christmas period. It needed to be able to be removed each year for the winter season.

Snow Planet owner Rojie Aguilar said “I tried approaching other playground designers but because our project is unique, some of them told me that it is beyond their scope, so I found Playscape who are willing to think outside the box and work alongside Snowplanet on this project.”

A switch up from the outdoors to inside in the snow was an interesting change for our build team. Unable to concrete posts into the ground, we had to think out of the box with how we would secure our winter wonderland creations.  Working in conjunction with Bootleg Design, we designed and built elements that weave around tubing tracks. From large archways, a photo frame, log tunnels to a snow slide cubby house, the finished result was an immersive space for the whole family. Rojie commented that ‘having the Winter Wonderland area in our slope provides a dedicated and safer space for our customers who just want to play and experience the snow without having to share this area with those who are skiing and snowboarding.”

On his experience with working with Playscape, Rojie said “Playscape was very helpful and accommodating in helping us design the features that works inside the slope. Though not all features in the Winter Wonderland came from Playscape, the collaboration of works needed to make this space special was smooth during the construction period. Working with their team is easy and Playscape goes an extra mile to deliver the project that we agreed upon.”